Physiotherapist performing treatment on female patient’s shoulder

If you’ve recently had surgery, such as a hip replacement, knee reconstruction or an operation on your wrist, ankle or shoulder, physiotherapy is a very important part of your recovery.

 Recovery focused physiotherapy can help you to heal faster, allowing your body to regain normal functionality, strength and movement.

Let’s take a look at how post-operative physiotherapy can assist you.

Helping You Recover from Surgery

After your surgery, the quickest, safest and easiest way to return to your normal everyday life is by consulting a physiotherapist experienced in post-operative rehabilitation.

A qualified, professional physiotherapist will provide you with the expert support and guidance you need after your surgery. They will assist you in getting back to your work, sport or day-to-day activities as soon as possible.

He or she will work with you to develop a tailor-made rehabilitation program to ensure you make the best possible recovery in the quickest time.

Common Surgeries Requiring Post-Operative Physio

Many operations, particularly those resulting from sporting injury, require physiotherapy treatment during the recovery phase.

These include:

·         Knee reconstructions

·         Hip replacements

·         Shoulder surgery

·         Ankle, wrist, elbow operations

·         Spine, neck and back surgery

Physio Exercises After Surgery

After your surgery, you’ll need to put in some work in the form of exercises. These exercises will optimise the results of your operation and fast track your recovery.

The hospital staff will probably provide you with exercises and during their stay; they will guide you in the early steps of your program. However, after your release from the hospital, it will be up to you to complete these exercises of your own accord. 

The easiest and best way to make sure you stay on top of these exercises and are completing them properly is to work with a physiotherapist who specialises in post-operative care.

How Else will Post-Operative Physiotherapy Help?

Rehabilitative physiotherapy doesn’t just help to keep you on track. It also plays a vital role in tracking and increasing your recovery. A physiotherapist can advance your initial exercises to help you to increase your strength, sometimes even surpassing your pre-operative levels.

Post-op physiotherapy can also:

·         Relieve pain – to ease post-operative pain and other discomfort that develops

·         Improve cardiovascular fitness – to improve your overall wellbeing and further progress your recovery

·         Help to break down scar tissue – to assist in the post-operative healing process

·         Educate you about your own recovery – to empower you to progress your recover while understanding your limits

·         Improve your range of motion – to restore the movement lost during surgery

High Quality Physiotherapy Services in Auckland

If you’re about to have surgery or are looking for physiotherapy after your recent surgery, book an appointment with a physio who specialises in post-operative care. 

For high quality physiotherapy services in east Tamaki, Auckland, call the PhysioReform team on +64 9 273 6089 or simply register online.