Muscle sprains are an extremely common condition that can occur in a number of ways. It involves the stretching and/or tearing of the muscle tissue or tendons. Acute injuries can occur during sporting activities when an excessive load is placed through a certain muscle causing damage, or chronic conditions can result from repetitive movements causing microdamage over an extended period which finally manifests as a sprained muscle or tendon.


What to do after an Acute Injury?

The PRICE protocol should be utilised, especially during the first 48hours post injury:

P –  protect the area from further damage

R – rest the affected area to avoid further damage

I – icing the injured tissue can decrease the amount of inflammation and is a natural pain reliever. 20mins/hour while awake

C – compression can provide support and assist in decreasing swelling

E – elevate the area to drain fluid and reduce swelling 

In both acute and chronic injuries, visiting a Physiotherapist is highly recommended. We will assess the extent of the injury, and guide you through your rehab using a variety of treatments including soft tissue massage, dry needling, strapping, progressive loading exercise programs and acupuncture.