Sporting related injuries are some of the most common conditions we treat here at Physio Reform. Our physiotherapy team are highly skilled and experienced in the area of sports related injuries. There is always an element of risk involved in sport, and this is something we all accept every time we step onto the field, pitch, court or ring.

According to ACC, the most common sporting injuries occur to the head, shoulders, hamstrings, knees and ankles. There are a number of other injuries that can occur, and one of our Physiotherapists can help you manage any of these conditions.

It is important to get on top of your injury early, to allow effective acute management and an accurate diagnosis. Your physio will work through and assist the healing process of the damage tissue and progress to strength and rehabilitation work to get you back to your previous levels of function.

When should I see a physio?

  • If there is an incident during the game that results in direct pain to an area of your body

  • If the pain prevents you from participating in your sporting activity

  • If you are limited in your normal daily and work-related activities by pain

  • If you are concerned about the extent of damage you may have sustained

  • If you have a recurring injury