‘Our goal is to alleviate neck/back pain and restore normal movement’

Here at PhysioReform, we have highly skilled and qualified physiotherapists who have years of experience treating both acute and chronic neck & back pain.

Causes of Neck & Back Pain

Neck and back pain injuries can occur from direct trauma. This can be after a fall, lifting a heavy object or direct impact such as a road accident. These injuries may also develop without obvious cause.

Managing Neck & Back Pain 

Neck and Back pain is generally described as being chronic with recurring episodes or acute with only a few weeks duration.

Whether you have acute or chronic neck & back pain, it is advised to be assessed by a qualified physiotherapist who will be able to advise you on the best way for you to manage your injury. Below are some treatment methods which be used to manage your injury:

Manual therapy
 Breathing and relaxation techniques

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